Student Health Advisory Council - SHAC


Student Health Advisory Council

The Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) presents students' ideas and concerns regarding health care to the Health Services administration. SHAC meets once a week to advise Health Services on programs, services, budgeting, patient satisfaction, the student medical insurance plan, and selection of physicians and other key personnel. SHAC also maintains the problems and praises box located in the Health Services lobby. Selected SHAC members also have the opportunity to attend a national conference for college health professionals. Students from all majors and interests are welcome to become SHAC members.

For information regarding SHAC, including meeting times and location, call 815-753-9579.

What can SHAC do for you?

SHAC is here for you, the student. We are the liaison between the student body and Health Services. You do not have to be a member of SHAC to let your voice be heard. SHAC surveys student satisfaction throughout the year and reports findings to Health Services Administration. In addition, SHAC "Praises and Problems" boxes are located throughout the building where students can submit their praises or problems regarding doctors, nurses, check-in service, pharmacy, or other Health Services-related services.

The SHAC office, located in the main lobby, is often staffed with SHAC members who can assist you or answer your questions. Please stop by because SHAC is here for YOU, the student.

How to Join SHAC

  • Scan the Northern Star for meeting times and location
  • Hook up with SHAC’s latest information by calling
  • Attend a membership drive at the beginning of each semester
  • Check back for more info on the web 

Get Involved and Make a Difference

Throughout the year SHAC participates in many activities and projects including:

  • Surveying and reporting patient satisfaction
  • The Wellness Fair, Cultures Night, and other campus-wide programs and events
  • Representation of the student body in committees concerning:
    • Health Services Budget
    • Student Health Insurance
    • Other health care-related forums
  • Health Services staff appreciation, such as Fright Fest and Spring into Health
  • Annual participation in community service events
  • Attending the annual American College Health Association Convention
  • And Much More!!!!!!

Feel free to e-mail us with any questions at