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In-Course Contract (ICC)

These 30-minute information sessions are designed to prepare you to submit an acceptable In-Course Honors Contract for credit in the University Honors Program.

Students must attend one of these sessions in order to obtain the In-Course Honors Contract information and application forms. In certain exceptional circumstances, a student can arrange for an independent meeting to discuss their project in more detail.

Finally, In-Course Contract submissions must be presented to University Honors no later than the second week of the semester in which the Contract is being undertaken.

Workshop Agenda

  • An In-Course Honors Contract is carried-out as an embedded study within the context of a 300 or 400-level course a student is already enrolled-in.
    • The option of an In-Course Contract is an exception, not the rule, and can only be done when there are no other alternatives.
  • The In-Course Honors Contract requires:
    • Timely set-up / approval, getting required signatures
    • The earning of a B- or better in the regular portion of the course
    • Successful completion of the “contracted” task that the faculty member and student have agreed upon
    • Final notification to University Honors of successful completion from faculty member
  • How to conceive of your contract?
    • Examples of a contract course as a value-added educational experience
    • What needs to be in a contract proposal and what does not
    • Outreach to and working with a faculty member
  • The In-Course Honors Contract
    • Timeframe and deadlines
    • Follow-through with faculty member
    • Grading
    • Final acceptance by University Honors
  • Examples of previous successful In-Course Honors Contracts
  • What should be the outcomes and benefits of an In-Course Honors Contract?
  • Questions & answers

ICC Workshop

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